Hearts United Association
Emergency Assistance

Everyone has a bump in the road. We’re here to help.

Need Help?

• CALL for an appointment  324-2876  Ask to schedule appointment.

• Must be resident of Litchfield School District or Transient

• Payments made directly to Vendors (limited assistance per household/yr)

Areas of assistance:

1. Utilities: (If no other programs of assistance available) -NO TELEPHONE BILLS or INSURANCE

2. Rent and mortgage: must be verified by typed Lease or rent receipts with interview of Landlord (client must be able to pay bill for next month). Limited assistance for homeless clients provided.

3. Emergency travel: Greyhound or Amtrak fares to an immediate family member's sickness or death or for transients. Must be able to confirm. HUA also has a Bike Loan program.

4. Gas for medical appointments or job: Must confirm by an appointment card or letter of employment. Client takes card to Fast Stop and they send HUA the bill.

5. Emergency repairs (auto, appliance, and property): RARE: must confirm true emergency.

6. Food: must be referred to Food Pantries, free local meals first (found on Referral List).
Vouchers for IGA and Aldi’s are issued as last resort or to Transient clients.

7. Clothing: Blessings Program- Clients must live inside the Litchfield School District unless authorized by Administrator (circumstances would include referrals from other organizations or transients).

Clothing for work: Check with Store Manager for specific item needed such as certain color
pant or particular type of boot required by employer. Confirm with employer. Item may be
bought with check to Wal-Mart for the exact amount of item.

8. Medicine: We can help with limited medical assistance. We do NOT help with any:

• Pain meds of any kind or muscle relaxers

• Controlled substances or narcotics

• ADHD meds

• or any other meds at our discretion.

Must have complete list of medications requesting and confirm with pharmacy. If we have ANY doubt, we will not pay for medication.

9.   Identification: If client needs for job securement or is homeless we can assist in getting ID.

10.  Referrals: If HUA cannot meet needs, we work diligently to refer to places that can.

Hearts United is an organization of Christians helping people to a fuller life by providing direct assistance and education without discrimination. Funding is provided through local churches; grants such as the W. Darrell Kilton Foundation, Elizabeth Baker Trust, Corwin Memorial Fund, Kloberdanz Trust and generous donations of individuals and businesses.





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